Video Elizabeth Olsen Doesn't Remember Acting in Mary-Kate and Ashley's Films

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Elizabeth Olsen Doesn't Remember Acting in Mary-Kate and Ashley's Films
Elizabeth Olsen Doesn't Remember Acting in Mary-Kate and Ashley's Films thumb Elizabeth Olsen Doesn't Remember Acting in Mary-Kate and Ashley's Films thumb Elizabeth Olsen Doesn't Remember Acting in Mary-Kate and Ashley's Films thumb


  • -How was your summer? Did you get any time off?
  • -I -- well, with this show, I'm a producer on it.
  • -Hey! -So, we wrapped production --
  • post-production last week, but I, like,
  • planned a long weekend to go to Mexico.
  • -Yeah. -To go to Tulum.
  • -Ooh, I heard it's beautiful.
  • -Which I've heard so much about. -Yes.
  • -And it's supposed to have really beautiful blue water.
  • -Absolutely. -And I got there,
  • and the ocean was brown and spitting up seaweed,
  • and there were tractors that were turning the seaweed
  • into mulch.
  • The seaweed smelled like sulfur. -What?
  • And, you guys, like, I don't like water as it is.
  • [ Laughter ] -Don't like water.
  • -I don't like jumping in the ocean.
  • I really don't like getting a bathing suit on.
  • And it was -- it just smelled like sulfur,
  • and it just sounded like tractors.
  • -I think that's -- I think that's a great time.
  • -But I had a great time. -Oh, of course.
  • Sound like a blast. -But that -- it's not --
  • I've also planned, like, another trip that was off season.
  • I think I like deals.
  • -What, you don't do any research?
  • -No, I do research. I'm like, "Oh, this is such a good deal."
  • And I don't know why until I get there and they're like,
  • "Oh, it's Hurricane season." [ Laughter ]
  • [ Bleep ] This sucks.
  • -Of course it's a great deal, yeah.
  • No would want to -- What was the other trip you planned?
  • -I went to Fiji. It was the first time I planned
  • a vacation for myself, like as someone who, like,
  • has a job, and I was like, "I'm going to go somewhere crazy."
  • "I'm going to go to Fiji where the water's beautiful."
  • And I got there, and it was off season,
  • and we get to the island
  • that we have this, like, cool house on
  • with one of my closest friends.
  • And the locals call the island "Mud Island"
  • because all of the mud from the mountains falls
  • around this island. [ Laughter ]
  • So, I've done this twice now. -Mud Island!
  • -Like, and I just -- -[ Laughs ]
  • -Yeah. I just -- like, the sea isn't my cup of tea.
  • -Is not for you. -No.
  • -Mud Island. Oh, that's fantastic.
  • -Yeah. -I want to vacation there.
  • -It's not for me.
  • So, I'm just going to stick to cities and mountains.
  • -I'm going to call you next time and go, "When should I go?"
  • And I'm not going to go at that time.
  • -Yeah. [ Laughter ]
  • If anyone needs any advice when to travel,
  • just don't ask me. -Don't call you, yeah.
  • I follow you on Instagram.
  • I like that you're doing Instagram.
  • -I'm doing it. -Yeah.
  • -Oh, yeah. -Do you not want to do it?
  • Oh, yeah. -Oh, yeah.
  • -Oh, yeah. -I don't like interact --
  • I don't like interacting with strangers.
  • Not like I -- you know, "Hi, hello."
  • [ Laughter ] But like --
  • it's a little... -Private.
  • -...invasive or something, and so I was just like,
  • "You know, I'm just going to do it."
  • And all these people were just saying, "Just do it."
  • -Yeah, they want to see you. Yeah.
  • -So I thought that if I -- if I were to do it,
  • I wanted to do it... -I love it.
  • -...with a sense of humor.
  • -Friday, you do this thing called Feed Me Fridays.
  • -Yes. -Feed Me Fridays.
  • -Alliteration's very important on Instagram.
  • -Yeah. Feed Me Fridays. -Throwback Thursday.
  • -Yeah. Throwback Thursday. Feed Me Fridays.
  • -Yes. -You started this,
  • and what it is, basically, is just paparazzi photos of you,
  • unflattering shots of you eating food.
  • -Yes. [ Laughter ]
  • Yes, it is. -[ Laughs ]
  • Well, I brought some examples here.
  • This is very, very cool. Here's one that you posted.
  • This is you, um... [ Laughter ]
  • -But that's like a pretty one. There are worse ones.
  • -That's not bad, yeah. But what are you eating there?
  • Like a pudding?
  • -That's my version of pretty also.
  • -That's a -- that's a -- -That's a kale salad.
  • -It is?
  • -Yep, looks like it's something better.
  • [ Laughter ] But it's not.
  • -Some paparazzi got you, and then here's one --
  • This is a -- what is that? -An Airhead.
  • -Oh, you're eating an Airhead. -That's an Airhead.
  • I'm on set, and I'm eating a blue Airhead.
  • -You're eating a blue Airhead. That's a good photo of you.
  • It's the best photo here -- Feed Me Friday.
  • This is -- you think, salad -- you can't eat it the wrong way.
  • -Well, it's a delicate thing. -It's a beautiful thing.
  • Yeah, and you're beautiful. -It's a ladylike thing.
  • -Yeah, a very ladylike thing.
  • Here's you eating a salad. Fantastic.
  • That's just -- [ Laughter and applause ]
  • -And this is on my Tulum vacation.
  • -Is that the Tulum vacation? -Yeah.
  • I don't know why there are people there taking pictures
  • in a bathing suit.
  • -I'm so happy paparazzi don't care about me.
  • Oh, man. [ Laughter ]
  • Now everyone probably knows you are the younger sister
  • to twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley, who I love.
  • -Yes. -And they're the best.
  • And, you know, they -- when they were little,
  • they were the Olsen Twins and they would make these
  • videos and movies, and they're so cute.
  • -About 60 videos or something.
  • -Is that right? -It's crazy.
  • -Oh, my gosh. -Yeah.
  • -And then they would rope you into a couple.
  • -Yeah. It was like afterschool care.
  • -Oh, really? -Yeah.
  • -Do you remember a video called "Butt Out?"
  • -I do. Vaguely. Not so well.
  • I remember, like -- I know it. I've seen it.
  • But like the actual experience of doing it,
  • I don't remember so much.
  • -Well, I'll refresh your memory 'cause we have it.
  • [ Laughter ] We have a clip.
  • -Oh, no. -This is you and your sisters
  • doing "B-U-T-T Out." "Butt Out."
  • -Yeah. -Check this out.
  • -♪♪ Be a sweetie B-U-T-T ♪♪
  • ♪♪ B-U-T-T out ♪♪
  • ♪♪ Eat your ziti, B-U-T-T ♪♪
  • ♪♪ B-U-T-T out ♪♪
  • -You're so cute. Come on. [ Cheers and applause ]
  • -So funny. -You said -- acting.
  • -I know. -Pouting.
  • -Yeah, "Pout. You're sad." -Pouting face.
  • Let's talk about this show, "Sorry for Your Loss,"
  • on Facebook Watch. -Yeah.
  • -Which I do like. I think it's really fun.
  • I like Facebook Watch.
  • What is the show -- the series about?
  • -The series is about -- I play a young
  • newly widowed woman named Leigh,
  • and it's about her journey dealing with
  • grief and loss
  • and not doing it in the most elegant of ways.
  • And it's just kind -- it's an exploration
  • of the inevitable thing that we all have to go through,
  • which is losing someone. -Yeah.
  • -And it's that conversation,
  • hopefully grounded in something that we can all relate to.
  • -Yeah. I want to show everyone a clip.
  • Here's Elizabeth Olsen in "Sorry for Your Loss."
  • Take a look at this.
  • -When was the last time you went to your apartment?
  • -A little before the funeral.
  • -That's like three months?
  • All your stuff is still there
  • and you're still paying rent and utilities.
  • -Yeah. Yeah, I know.
  • -So, maybe you could go by your apartment
  • and get your stuff.
  • -Sure.
  • Yeah. Sure.
  • -Okay, great.
  • Thank you.
  • -You're welcome.
  • -[ Gasps ] Mm.
  • I love you. -I love you too.
  • -Mm!
  • -Elizabeth Olsen, everybody.

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Elizabeth Olsen talks about her disastrous summer vacations, why she shares unflattering paparazzi photos of herself eating food on Instagram and exploring the subject of grief in Sorry for Your Loss.

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Elizabeth Olsen Doesn't Remember Acting in Mary-Kate and Ashley's Films

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