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10:19   |   01/19/2019 at 18:36


  • [Music]
  • hey what's going on guys my name is
  • silent core and welcome back to my
  • weekly GTA 5 countdown series so last
  • week I took you guys through the top ten
  • DLC updates to hit GTA 5 and today we're
  • gonna be going through the top ten
  • must-own vehicles in GTA online if you
  • guys are new around here these videos do
  • take quite a while to make so I really
  • appreciate if you take a few seconds to
  • leave a like and also subscribe if
  • you're new it really helps our channel
  • so without further ado let's get into
  • that first must own vehicle so this one
  • is something that you might not have
  • expected to hear in this list but hear
  • me out in this one so the thing it is
  • not only the third fastest boat in the
  • game but it actually spawns right beside
  • you if you're a CEO or VIP if you
  • haven't already bought when it will cost
  • you five thousand despite next to you
  • but if you've already purchased it it's
  • actually a free spawn so anytime you
  • want anywhere you want in the water you
  • can spawn this right next to you for
  • free so even if you're stranded we are
  • in the middle of the ocean for whatever
  • reason you can die evil always find its
  • way to you this one actually came as
  • part of the heists update and you can
  • purchase it from the dog tees after
  • completing the humane labs raid heist so
  • it's not a bad investment next up at the
  • number nine spot this is also another
  • alternative option before we get into
  • the super serious stuff this one is only
  • eight hundred dollars from pedal and
  • metal and it's a BMX now if you're the
  • kind of player that only uses supercars
  • seriously try playing with the BMX in
  • free roam especially with a few friends
  • or a crew it is a lot of fun on a BMX
  • you can just totally get a different
  • pace of the game and a totally different
  • perspective of GTA 5 especially if you
  • like tricks I quite often watch evolved
  • stunting for inspiration and just ride
  • bunny hopping off stuff but don't forget
  • guys this is GTA online
  • add the number eight spot is the Ella
  • gate now this is actually the fastest
  • car in the sports class category so it's
  • definitely always handy to have an
  • alligator's fully upgraded just in case
  • you get into a sports class race and you
  • know you're gonna be in one of the
  • strongest positions in that race in my
  • opinion I think this car also looks
  • great and the best thing about this car
  • is it's absolutely free
  • there's just no reason not to get one of
  • these it's absolutely free to buy from
  • the website and upgrades are super cheap
  • too and the number seven spot is the pee
  • fester 811 now this one is added as part
  • of the further adventures and Finance
  • and felony update and it is the fastest
  • land vehicle in the game in terms of top
  • speed now the reason it's not further up
  • my list and you guys all know if you've
  • used this it does seem to suffer with
  • traction especially going around the
  • corners and as you'll know most races in
  • GT online do have a lot of corners in it
  • making this not the most preferable
  • option unless you're doing like a drag
  • race with a straight line as you'll see
  • in the gameplay when I'm going around
  • the corners the back end of my car seems
  • to get quite slightly it seems to slide
  • out going around a lot off the corners
  • and it really can slow you down and put
  • you behind in the race but if you're
  • doing something like a long drag race or
  • an endurance race you might want to keep
  • this one in mind you can pick up the a
  • 11 from legendary motorsport for 1.1
  • million either number six spot is the
  • insurgent I've included this in my list
  • just because I believe it's one of the
  • best free roam vehicles that you can use
  • in GTA online the insurgent was added
  • with the high sub day and you'll have to
  • actually complete the humane labs raid
  • heist to purchase this from war stock
  • and cash-and-carry for about six hundred
  • and seventy-five K this thing is
  • basically a light armored vehicle and is
  • nearly as durable as the tank according
  • to the wiki page the insurgent can
  • survive three direct hits from a tank
  • around four buzzard rockets three RPG
  • shots and around five sticky bombs or
  • twenty to twenty-five seconds of
  • constant mini gunfire aimed directly at
  • the engines so this thing is pretty
  • durable especially if you're playing in
  • a lobby with a lot of hostile people
  • this thing has some great armor and it's
  • a great vehicle to get out of the way a
  • good trick when you're using this
  • vehicle is to duck by holding a on your
  • controller and actually
  • a really hard target to shoot when
  • you're in this vehicle I think my
  • favorite thing about the insurgent just
  • has to be its power to smash through
  • other vehicles you know someone's in
  • your way they won't be for very long if
  • you're in an insurgent next up is the
  • Hydra it was a military fighter jet that
  • was in san andreas and it was brought
  • back with the house update you purchased
  • this one from war stock cash-and-carry
  • for a very significant three million
  • however I do think it's worth that big
  • investment the Hydra is actually the
  • fastest vehicle in the whole game when
  • you're flying the Hydra it also has two
  • different flying modes so you can change
  • that by pressing right on the d-pad when
  • you're on console and that switches you
  • between vertical and hover mode so it's
  • super useful if you just want to hover
  • and take aim someone on the ground and
  • then you can switch it to quickly make
  • an escape this thing's also equipped
  • with three different weapon options so
  • you have machine cannons the fire
  • explosive rounds you have an on lock and
  • unlock missiles the Hydra does take a
  • little bit of getting used to to fly
  • efficiently I actually found the
  • controls a lot bit weird at first
  • however once you get used to it it is
  • absolutely awesome for taking out people
  • on the ground and you can actually hold
  • down pretty much a small free roam Lobby
  • by yourself in this thing moving on to
  • the number four spot is the X 80 proto
  • and this is currently the best racing
  • vehicle that you can use in GTA online
  • now previously it was the re 7b however
  • there was a small nerf made to that
  • giving the X 80 a slightly faster lap
  • time ever so slightly over the re 7b
  • there's a very well known racer known as
  • brought E and a link his channel down in
  • the description he does some absolutely
  • awesome comparisons of vehicles going
  • around a track and finds their fastest
  • lap times to find the fastest vehicle
  • and this was his fastest vehicle that he
  • found so the X 80 actually came as part
  • of the further adventures in finance and
  • felony DLC and I seem to always find
  • myself using this car for any types of
  • GTA races as absolutely awesome handling
  • it's got great traction it's got rapid
  • acceleration and it's just generally my
  • top pick for all sorts of races this
  • vehicle does have overcome with a buff
  • and price tag it currently costs 2.7
  • million from legendary motorsport so
  • usually my countdowns I have a bonus
  • clip or this week is going to be the
  • bonus vehicle and that is this shit taro
  • so this is commonly known as the Tron
  • bike which was just recently added as a
  • continuation of the bikers DLC this
  • vehicle can be purchased for just over
  • two point
  • million dollars so is a big investment
  • now the reason I included the Shotaro
  • into my countdown as a bonus vehicle and
  • not on the actual countdown list is
  • because you don't actually need this one
  • is not a must-own vehicle if you have
  • some money throw away this could be a
  • good way to spend it but it's definitely
  • not an essential bra T actually did a
  • great comparison of this vehicle and
  • found is actually only a fraction of a
  • second slower than the second-best
  • fastest bay so I'd only recommend buying
  • this vehicle if you do like the look of
  • it the price tag is not worth just
  • getting a fraction of a second speed
  • difference so let's continue with the
  • top 10 countdown at the number 3 spot is
  • the high couch shoe drag now this
  • vehicle came as part of the bikers
  • update and can be purchased for just
  • under 1 million from legendary
  • motorsport now fully upgraded this thing
  • can reach 120 1.5 miles per hour when we
  • leaing and this makes it the fastest
  • motorbike when you're going in a
  • straight line now as mentioned in the
  • bonus vehicle the Shotaro of the tron
  • bike is the only vehicle that is faster
  • than this bike in a racing situation so
  • when going around corners however it's
  • only faster by 1/10 of a second which in
  • my opinion isn't really going to be much
  • of a difference to your race there's so
  • many other factors in a race that can
  • slow you down by a lot more than that so
  • in my opinion that makes the head Kuchar
  • drag an absolute must own vehicle and
  • it's actually less than half price of
  • the Shotaro and the number 2 spot is the
  • armoured Karuma now this was actually a
  • really tough choice between number one
  • and number two positions because they're
  • both such useful vehicles so the armored
  • version of the kuruma was added with the
  • heists update and you actually have the
  • complete the fleece a job I used to be
  • able to purchase this one from southern
  • a notorious super autos for 525 K and I
  • can't stress enough how much of an
  • absolutely awesome vehicle this really
  • is the windows can't be short out giving
  • you and great protection against gunfire
  • and the extra armor doesn't even seem to
  • reduce your performance much either from
  • the original Karuma so it's still very
  • fast as steering them very nimble and it
  • can be fully upgraded without em
  • interfering much with your performance
  • if you're a solo player and GT online
  • you'll probably find this even more
  • useful when you're in this vehicle you
  • can pretty much complete whole gang
  • attacks easily by yourself without even
  • leaving your vehicle and also most
  • contact missions and solo - the only
  • drawbacks of this vehicle is you're very
  • limited view
  • when you're playing in first person so
  • you only have like a tiny slit to shoot
  • through if you play first person so your
  • view is quite and blocked off by this
  • window
  • you're also limited to only micro SMGs
  • or handguns when you're inside and the
  • vehicle is actually extremely weak to
  • explosives so I will play sticky bomb in
  • a free roam lobby and bye-bye vehicle
  • and that leaves us with the number one
  • must own vehicle in GTA 5 and it is the
  • buzzard attack chopper so you can pick
  • up this beast from war stock
  • cash-and-carry for 1.75 million and it's
  • armed with missiles that you can lock on
  • and also machine guns
  • I can carry up to 3 other passengers as
  • well similar to the armored Karuma the
  • Buzzard is also awesome if you're a solo
  • player and however is great with the
  • crew as well now the reason I put this
  • at number one is just for general
  • transportation and it's also am the
  • usefulness for VIP work and also
  • grinding crates as a CEO once you've
  • bought this vehicle there's a few
  • different ways you can go about getting
  • it spawned to you so first of all you
  • can call Pegasus and have it spawn to
  • the nearest helipad to your position
  • however if you are a CEO you can
  • actually have this spawned right next to
  • you for free so pretty much wherever you
  • are in the game you can have this
  • instantly spawn next year using your CEO
  • menu so as a super useful vehicle to
  • have it can always get you
  • transportation wherever you might be
  • so that was my top 10 must-have vehicles
  • in GTA online let me know in the
  • comments if you guys agree with my order
  • of there's any other vehicles you think
  • I should have made this list or should
  • have made number one I think a lot of us
  • play this game quite differently for
  • different reasons as well so I think
  • we're all bound to have a different sort
  • of life so I'm interested in what you
  • guys have is your favorite vehicles if
  • you guys miss the last few countdowns
  • they will be linked on screen such as
  • the top 10 DLC updates in GTA online
  • history thanks for watching guys and
  • I'll catch you next one
  • finish it with the teen you know nigga
  • the antidote up bitty singable Oh sighs
  • Oh dancing missiles getting bullets
  • coming at me now beat it buddy
  • I'll encourage ETA

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