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Video Gilbert Arenas Breaks Down Lonzo's Shot | Out Of Bounds
06:55   |   views   |   11/30/2017


  • now it's no secret that Alonzo ball has
  • struggled shooting the ball this season
  • but we got one guy on our team that's
  • gonna kind of show what the issue is at
  • hand mr. Gilbert Arenas Gilbert
  • what's wrong with lots of long shot the
  • struggle is more of the mechanical of
  • his whole of his whole breakdown I mean
  • he has so many things going wrong with
  • the shot so it's it's it's handicapping
  • how he actually can play offense so I
  • know everyone sees the the flick when it
  • comes down to everything goes alright so
  • a right hand shooter
  • always position himself you know over
  • his right eye but feet is pointed
  • straight shot left-handers like a James
  • Harden if you ever see a left hander
  • their feet are twisted yeah is not
  • actually angled at the resume because
  • it's more kind of this way left hand
  • towards the rim here well ball has both
  • put inside of his game so his feet are
  • twisted like he's lefty right and he
  • comes across his left eye but what
  • actually hurts more is his whole ability
  • of a basketball player
  • besides cuz it's a shot because of a
  • shot it's because of the mechanics of
  • the shot it comes from here so he's are
  • you saying if I'm a defender and I'm
  • pressed up on you like okay so we're
  • gonna break down why he's handicapped
  • okay you're gonna stand right here so
  • when when Lonzo wants to go right
  • remember the mechanics if I'm driving
  • right and you're here if I want to pull
  • up as a righty I just pull up right okay
  • right because you're on the side well
  • with Alonzo when he pulls up he has to
  • stop twist and I'm coming back through
  • the defenders right there so when he's
  • driving right he never pulls up because
  • he physically can't pull up because of
  • the whole mechanic of I had to stop and
  • come yeah if he goes left if I'm a lefty
  • I'm holding you off and I can shoot this
  • right right okay well with the Lonzo was
  • with lonzo's when he comes left because
  • he has to put it here first to flick it
  • he can't do it so it's forcing him by
  • nature it's
  • step back so that's why we see is you
  • always see a step back so he comes here
  • he can twist his feet a little bit and
  • he shoots this is the rim he's actually
  • like this not shooting if you can't go
  • right and I have you beat and just pull
  • up on the dime there that stops half of
  • my game so some guys that you've worked
  • with have been able to transform their
  • shot and get better with their shooting
  • like a John Wall can you but you know
  • like a John Wall
  • so John Wall if he first came in you
  • know he has big hands
  • yeah so when he instead of you know I'm
  • coming here and I'm picking the ball up
  • my hand is over the ball his head was
  • under the ball ok so about time he came
  • out of the ball he was already on the
  • way down and then he shot ok that's why
  • his shot was like that early in his
  • career yeah you know like you have I T
  • who he faces up but he's sighs shoots it
  • alright that's fine because one you can
  • see the rim here and you're still you
  • still have the normal flick flick yeah
  • but you know what he comes in he can
  • still you have a twist a crank and a
  • flick it just limits you from what you
  • can actually do offensively in the game
  • so if I'm playing them I already know
  • okay I'm just gonna push them right to
  • my defense because I know he can't ever
  • pull up so I'm never gonna go under
  • screens I'm always gonna go over yeah so
  • cuz I don't want him to step back
  • exactly so I you know Adam is my pick
  • guy yeah what offensive what with the
  • defense is is when you're a bad shooter
  • they want to go under they meet you like
  • you didn't want to do that right right I
  • would never do that
  • yeah I will always fight over because if
  • I fight it over Pete's negative he can't
  • get his shot off because it has to come
  • in this pocket first we go this way so
  • when he's what he's thriving off of or
  • not even thriving why he's getting shot
  • up is they're going under and when he
  • goes under he can step back and do it
  • okay and do his thing he can step back
  • away from everyone but from college to
  • the NBA this is a further shot than what
  • he was used to it exactly you know so
  • when he steps back this is college
  • Street he steps back from this NBA trade
  • he's out here trying to fling it yeah
  • you know trying to get enough power to
  • fling the fling that shot up and this is
  • nothing that's why it's a problem that's
  • why mmm
  • he's more comfortable if someone and you
  • notice he a spot he's more spotting up
  • yeah and he's getting his shot cuz he's
  • already right he can already position
  • his feet but when he's dribbling the
  • ball it's hard to you know a nothing
  • step back it's that bad he's had all
  • these trainers and people would you say
  • but huzi
  • I mean I would feel that levar would
  • give him the trainers that he needs I
  • think I think levar himself has been
  • training his kids yeah and that's why
  • you know they like some like the little
  • one is okay because you can see he's
  • adapting see you you're growing up you
  • adapt to how people are sticking you
  • yeah so but if you're training all the
  • time in the backyard by yourself you
  • don't you don't see what works and what
  • doesn't work so going to UCLA he's
  • getting by passing them all up hitting
  • this little collar straight you're
  • getting by you know if you're good
  • enough smart enough you're gonna get by
  • just like you know adjustment but this
  • is an NBA where they're scouting you and
  • they're looking at you and that's why
  • this he's big he's been declining so you
  • mentioned the college three which is
  • essentially the mid-range game in NBA
  • why not just make it living in the
  • mid-range because so successful in there
  • because that middle and see the college
  • treat the defense behind the collar
  • street okay now the defense behind the
  • NBA 3 so you have to actually make a
  • move to get back to the college street
  • what movies are gonna do yeah you know
  • what move is like I'm gonna use the
  • pick-and-roll because he doesn't have
  • the one-on-one moves like a Kyrie but
  • even if he did all that you go left
  • it's a step back I already know what's
  • gonna come right he goes right he has to
  • go all the way to the basket so when you
  • start picking up on his game you can
  • take him out of the game in and just and
  • just and just alleviate everything that
  • has to do with Lanza ball like you know
  • his passing and rebound you know you're
  • not gonna stop his vision
  • yeah but handicapping him and keeping
  • him in that box of how he shoots the
  • ball is gonna is gonna hurt him tonight
  • he's limited as a player he's just
  • limited as a player offensively
  • how would you what tips would you give
  • Alonzo ball to fix his shot going into
  • year two could you say he can't do it he
  • has to watch a lot of game but the
  • biggest thing is he needs to correct
  • stance follow-through shot all summer
  • in play all summer on the new stuff yeah
  • because you have to understand like our
  • if I'm coming this way and I go yeah how
  • to how to elevate because I you got to
  • remember if he's never done it because
  • of the handicap he doesn't know how to
  • use it

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Catch the full episode here: /watch?v=VyOGsHz4F7g

Gilbert Arenas shows us why Lonzo Ball's shot is a problem in the NBA.

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