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Video Michael Jordan Crazy Tomahawk Leaner Dunk vs Clippers! 1987
01:59   |   4M+ views   |   06/25/2018 at 17:32


  • Clippers push it up - daily pull-up shot
  • right side rimming no rebound loose ball
  • on the floor John Paxson in Valentine
  • down for it banks trying to tie up
  • Valentine and he does with 242 left Doug
  • Collins is taking a timeout the Bulls
  • lead by 18 timeout Chicago the score the
  • Bulls 103 the Clippers 85 back after
  • these messages on the Bulls Network here
  • we go Dickie banks was the last one in
  • is that I saw diving on the floor with
  • Valentine Valentine like this radicals
  • to the Bulls
  • 2:42 banks in to jump against valentine
  • banks in 67 Valentine at 6 1 Jess Kersey
  • will toss it
  • watch Gino getting ready to hit it all
  • the way down to coordinate with a
  • Michael going maybe
  • for Jordan it's a 20-point lead for the
  • Falls
  • perfect setup for fifth
  • thousand three hundred and seventy one
  • roaring the
  • in the Sports Arena cage inside lays it
  • in
  • [Music]
  • Michael caves counters with a bucket
  • well I'll tell you it looks so much like
  • that was going to happen banks lined up
  • Michael just sort of went snuggling in
  • like he's looking for the rebound all
  • alone and you had about 80 feet of court
  • wide open and it was just through
  • [Music]
  • you
  • [Music]

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GOAT doing his thing vs Clippers!
*I used to upload this dunk on my 2nd Channel before but now is in better quality..
*Announcers :Johnny Red Kerr & Jim Durham
*music: CanCan by Offenbach


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