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19:54   |   views   |   10/28/2017


  • [Music]
  • this week Jimmy and I are old Mahama Bay
  • which is located on the west end of
  • Grand Bahama only about 50 miles from
  • Florida
  • [Music]
  • [Music]
  • so her girlfriend they was got a bunch
  • of lobsters and cogs so Kenny could cook
  • them for us at Sandy key we pulled up to
  • the first spot and Kenny said jump in
  • the water and check it out and see if
  • there's any conch there so I jumped in
  • and right away I saw conch all over the
  • place I was bringing him up two and
  • three at a time and handing them to
  • Kenny in the boat
  • I was literally done catching our conch
  • for lunch in about three minutes we had
  • more than we needed
  • we just took what we needed left the
  • rest there and moved on to catch some
  • Lobster
  • [Music]
  • do it once not mad whoo
  • [Music]
  • the currents really moving real strong
  • right now we've already got about a
  • dozen conch which is more than we need
  • totally been out here a couple minutes I
  • think it's time to head and run out a
  • little further
  • try to get some Lobster because we have
  • what we need for lunch for conch maybe
  • it's maybe even a couple extra for
  • dinner right guys we're here with
  • Captain kenneth off west in water sports
  • and about to do some lobster eat first i
  • wanna show you guys when we need in
  • order to the lobstering good pair of
  • fins I have my dress feed our model our
  • fins here you need a mask and snorkel
  • sure good pair of gloves and also here
  • in the Bahamas you're allowed to shoot
  • the lobster so we're using a Hawaiian
  • sling so now let's go get them we pulled
  • up to some of these sandy ledges where
  • there was just like white sand that came
  • up to the grass flats and the lobsters
  • kind of burrow out holes underneath the
  • grass flats so as soon as he got to the
  • first spot I put all my Cressy gear and
  • jumped in
  • [Music]
  • so it's one down to look underneath the
  • left should see if there was a lobster
  • there and I
  • and it was a really nice Lobster and
  • lethal edge
  • [Music]
  • so I'd swim up with the lobster and I
  • was like so
  • the logs are shot rocketing the
  • and I swim up to the boat and I
  • all this bus that we went to we not only
  • saw the lobsters but we also saw
  • barracudas trigger fish all kinds of
  • fish around this and then we saw some
  • trigger fish as well and I kind of had
  • in the back of my mind man I bet those
  • would be good for lunch
  • but I really didn't think that I'd be
  • able to shoot and kill one of them with
  • the Hawaiian slinks I really didn't
  • think it had enough power unless I got
  • right on the trigger fish
  • I actually was able to get pretty close
  • to one of those triggerfish and I pulled
  • back and shot and I actually hit it and
  • stoned it so it kind of worked out good
  • so now we had lobster conch and
  • triggerfish for lunch
  • [Music]
  • so I slimmed down I'm looking around
  • ledges I'm looking I'm looking
  • everywhere and they see this antenna
  • sticking out of a hole it's a really
  • tiny hole and I'm like there's a nice
  • Lobster in there but I wasn't sure if I
  • could get a good shot at it so what I
  • did was I I stuck my hand in that hole
  • and I was like I'm not gonna lose this
  • lobster I need to get this locked I
  • stuck my hand in that hole I grabbed it
  • by the board's that I pull it out I'm
  • like God the lobster and I'm super
  • excited coming up with it we were
  • lobstering anywhere from 5 feet of water
  • up to about 25 feet of water it was
  • actually easier for me to grab the
  • lobster with my bare hands and then to
  • use the Hawaiian sling because I'm just
  • so used to catching him with my hands so
  • we would kind of I would kind of tickle
  • them out of their holes or the coral
  • they were up in with the Hawaiian sling
  • and then just catch him with my hands so
  • during this lobstering dive we saw so
  • many cool things not just lobsters we
  • saw barracudas Jimi shot
  • triggerfish multiple triggerfish and
  • another cool thing was we saw a gigantic
  • turtle so we saw this gigantic turtle
  • and the Turner was like almost as big as
  • me actually it was probably as big as me
  • the Turner wouldn't leave that area so I
  • decided to just swim down and swim with
  • it
  • [Music]
  • so Jimmy spotted another triggerfish he
  • swim down and shot it I sold another
  • triggerfish it was bigger than the first
  • one that I shot so I went ahead and swam
  • down on and took a shot
  • [Music]
  • I hit that triggerfish and it just took
  • off with the shaft in them and I had to
  • chase him down a little bit but
  • eventually he fell and I went ahead and
  • grabbed him and brought him up to the
  • mode
  • so after that Jimmy just handed that
  • triggerfish to Kenny this point we have
  • plenty of food for lunch we had several
  • lobsters conch and a couple triggerfish
  • so we decided to go ahead and make our
  • way back to the island so that we could
  • cook up some lunch so after having
  • enough lobster conch and fish for lunch
  • we headed over to Sandy he
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • all right well as you can see we had a
  • pretty good day out there we got some
  • nice Lobster for lunch here along with
  • some conch and off you got a couple
  • other surprises we're really after these
  • guys but I saw him swimming around out
  • there so we did pop them there's a big
  • one here so we're gonna try to fillet
  • these fish up real quick
  • and get the fire going and clean them
  • and and have a good lunch out here on
  • sandy key before this rain comes because
  • we do have a storm coming and it was
  • pretty fun out there if you want to do
  • this if you're here Oklahoma Bay you
  • want to do this
  • captain Kenneth will take you off shore
  • inshore will take you lobstering and you
  • can just bring your cash drag your ass
  • in deaky and you prepared for you all
  • right there's a couple different ways
  • you can clean lobster here I take my
  • crusty knife and just cut around the
  • shell there the top of the shell the
  • head you see how easy that flips off and
  • then you have your tail I'm going to
  • show you something else we're gonna have
  • to do that tail in a minute we're gonna
  • have to take that little poop vein out
  • I'm going to show you how to do that
  • he's going to show you on a couple here
  • again we're just cutting around there
  • once you have a cut flipped right off
  • really really easy and then the most
  • common way that people clean the
  • lobsters what Louise is about to show
  • you right now by twisting them yeah all
  • you have to do is grab it like this make
  • sure you wear your gloves cuz there's
  • fine E and just twist it
  • pull it okay this part you don't need
  • well she's getting that next lobster
  • I'll show you what I'm gonna do here
  • about getting this bean out you really
  • don't want to eat that all that is just
  • poop and stuff you don't want see
  • there's a little hole right here just go
  • in you can twist you can pull it out or
  • if it pushes out you can actually just
  • pull it out from the top just like that
  • it's an easy way to do it if there's
  • anything left in there it will come out
  • on here but a lot of times it pushes
  • right out the top so that's a clean tail
  • now
  • so after cleaning those lobsters we went
  • ahead and got ready to start cleaning
  • some of the conch if you don't have a
  • knife or a hammer or something to get in
  • there you're still gonna come down the
  • same place just use another conch shell
  • crack right in here it's a little bit
  • messy
  • that's what takes it off that shell
  • broken so if you're on an island without
  • anything one way to get in there rinse
  • it off and see right in here loosening
  • that piece of meat you have to get that
  • cut open and you can see these guys are
  • still alive to be tied and way up in
  • there got to try to get a hold of that
  • foot there pry it out there he goes
  • and there's the conch that's what you're
  • gonna eat rinse it off you don't want to
  • need this black stuff and
  • I'm gonna cut that viagra right out of
  • that thing I don't want it no thank you
  • to get all that black stuff off you
  • don't want any of this stuff that right
  • [Music]
  • that's the good stuff you don't want to
  • eat and again
  • the pistol I've eaten too many of those
  • in my life get another one I don't
  • really want it all right guy behind the
  • camera saying eat it eat it I really
  • don't like these things there's not much
  • flavor to look at it wiggling still
  • alive I mean this is this is a conch
  • Weiner wiggling in my hand right now
  • come on rinse that off a little bit mmm
  • I don't want to eat this I really didn't
  • it's really disgusting he's kind of like
  • salt water and then you cut this off
  • right here they use that to crawl around
  • on the ground that's gone that's really
  • hard it wouldn't taste any good anyways
  • and I'm gonna use a doll or not because
  • it's a pretty sharp knife
  • that means this knife is not quite as
  • sharp to get the rest of it off they're
  • alive just kind of hit them a little bit
  • loosen them up so I'm cutting towards my
  • hand I want a little bit doll or knife
  • just want to be able to get this thing
  • loosened up so get my fingers underneath
  • it it's kind of like a grouper cheek if
  • you ever pulled on grouper cheek out
  • kind of slide out we just got to get
  • this part done right and around here
  • and all I'm doing now I'll drop that
  • knife so you can see I'm getting my
  • fingers rinsed off is very slippery
  • underneath this here it just peels right
  • off and there's your meat all this black
  • stuff it's not that come off I'm just
  • trying to get it all in one one shot but
  • there's that that's also stingray food
  • as you can see we got a buddy right here
  • in the water he's hanging out he's
  • getting a free meal so I got ready to
  • clean those trigger fish and realize
  • that the only knife that Kenny had on
  • board was a very dull knife medicine
  • that's some thick stuff and this knife
  • just does not sharp at all but you'll
  • play just like you will any other fish
  • gotta kind of get in that skin and work
  • your way down it be able to fillet these
  • fish fish to clean by any means can
  • trigger fish have extremely tough skin
  • and it was a bear trying to get to those
  • the skin of those trigger fish with his
  • knife and luckily I had my dive knife
  • with me in my crusty dive bag the other
  • knife I was using the fillet knife was
  • actually completely dull so I'm having
  • to actually using my Cressy dive knife
  • it's not gonna get the meat off the skin
  • but at least I can loosen it from the
  • fish here this knife it's razor sharp
  • which is what I need for a fish like
  • this I got through it pretty good on the
  • other one but just it was tough moving
  • out of the knife
  • and I'm just going over the bone here so
  • don't doll this knife too much you know
  • what I usually leave the skin connected
  • to help pull it off but because I don't
  • have a big work space I'm gonna go ahead
  • and get rid of that there and come back
  • to this guy in a minute so I grab my
  • cressie dive knife and started working
  • my way through that triggerfish and
  • started cleaning it with the short
  • straight edged blade that I had on that
  • knife I'm gonna start with a straight
  • edge part here if you can see that and
  • I'm just gonna get it loosened from this
  • get from the skin make it easy on me
  • want to actually go back with that
  • fillet knife it's uh it's not very sharp
  • again it's not the way I would normally
  • fillet them and I'm working what I have
  • right now so it makes it a little easier
  • for me now that I got it a little
  • loosened I can push my way through with
  • this knife that's not very sharp
  • [Applause]
  • I'm gonna come back switch this one here
  • cut the bones out of the middle it's
  • hard to see them here but there's a line
  • of bones that run right down the middle
  • there all I'm doing is taking those
  • bones out we don't want a bone to get us
  • what we're eating and then the stomach
  • lining that part no good no bueno
  • there it is rinse it in saltwater then
  • we can start on the next one so I
  • finished cleaning that trigger fish and
  • gave it to Kenny to cook up how often do
  • you do this every day got people that
  • allow me I'll bring them out feed the
  • stingrays make some Kong silage do some
  • grilled while this is on the grill I
  • love to compile it good way to find that
  • this is done silently ready Jamie had
  • brought tomatoes bell peppers onions in
  • line for a conch salad conch style is
  • one of my favorite things to eat while
  • I'm here in the Bahamas I've been eating
  • it here for over 25 years I absolutely
  • love it and I stuffed myself with as
  • much of it as I can get every time I
  • come here because nowhere else in the
  • world would they make conch salad like
  • they make it here in the Bahamas
  • so to make that conch salad Kenny
  • chopped up some onions bell peppers
  • tomatoes and of course the conch and put
  • all that together in a Tupperware
  • container and squeezed lime all over it
  • that's all that you'd have to do to make
  • the conch salad it's onions tomatoes
  • bell peppers and lime that's it and of
  • course the conch he made us all conch
  • salad after he was done with the conch
  • salad I start serving everybody and
  • everybody tried and they loved it
  • does it give much better than that nope
  • [Music]
  • lobster sugar fish and now Kong this is
  • this is the best meal of the week so far
  • good a lot of fun you spoil you bring
  • you out cook you catch know you have a
  • good time that's today all of you do it
  • here and Obama said Obama bait we
  • started pulling those lobsters off the
  • grill and POI they looked good and this
  • is what we're pulling off the grill
  • right there fresh lobster it's as fresh
  • as you're gonna get this is wonderful
  • lobsters were super tasty he prepared
  • with all the vegetables
  • he added some bananas in it to which I
  • added extra flavor to it he was just so
  • good that's the best part
  • oh man look at that
  • [Music]
  • very nice
  • very nice oh my god you're amazing cook
  • that's right good while you're waiting
  • for Kenny to prepare your food you have
  • stingrays all around the island they're
  • very friendly they'll come right up to
  • you I actually got in the water and
  • start playing with them a little they're
  • all so sharks are on to mania sharks are
  • on the island so there's tons a wild
  • like there they get to see
  • [Music]
  • it's pretty cool here in
  • is that after cooking the lobster and
  • the calm you can actually feed the rest
  • of it to the stingrays they're right
  • here the super friendly no come right up
  • you
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • once we got on the island you notice
  • that there are all kinds of stingrays
  • around the island he can feed and swim
  • with if he wanted to and Kenny said
  • that's one of the things that he does on
  • a regular basis when he brings people
  • out to the island and they'll actually
  • pick up some squid or even just the
  • conch that he's cleaning while he's out
  • there and let the guests feed the
  • Stingray while they're there and that's
  • why there's so many students are there
  • because Kimmy feeds them almost daily
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • start start
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • you need such a unique experience Katie
  • would take you loitering and
  • spearfishing and then he gets good to
  • this private island
  • and play the stingrays so if your hero
  • Bahama Bay I highly recommend you doing
  • this
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]
  • [Applause]
  • [Music]

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