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Video Start Living a Healthy Lifestyle Today: 3 Easy Tips to Get Started | by Erin Elizabeth
10:16   |   views   |   08/09/2018


  • [Music]
  • hey guys how's it going so today's video
  • it's just gonna be super chill and
  • low-key we're rockin the bun and some
  • comfy clothes and yeah I'm just having a
  • laid-back day a few of you guys have
  • expressed some interest in more health
  • slash fitness type content so if you
  • guys would like to see more videos along
  • this line then make sure you hit that
  • like button so that I know to keep
  • creating content like this earlier this
  • week on Tuesday I actually wrote a full
  • blog post on my fitness journey and this
  • really just summed up my entire life
  • fitness journey so I'm not gonna get too
  • into that here and if you guys are
  • interested you can check out the post I
  • will link it down below for you but
  • basically I have always been a pretty
  • active person I played sports growing up
  • I've always tried to lead a healthier
  • lifestyle but my fitness has always been
  • sort of like a wave there's some times
  • where I'm extremely motivated I'm eating
  • totally healthy and I'm on the grind and
  • then there's other times where I'm just
  • totally off the rail I'm so unmotivated
  • I'm eating whatever the hell I want and
  • it's just not good so currently I'm at a
  • place in my life where I am extremely
  • motivated right now I am really happy
  • with how things are going I'm pushing
  • myself and I'm keeping really motivated
  • and I'm just extremely happy and I
  • wanted to wait to write that blog post
  • at a time where I felt like I was on a
  • really good path and I knew I was gonna
  • stay on this path for a long time and
  • just continue on it and continue leading
  • a healthy lifestyle so today's video I
  • just wanted to sum up a couple of easy
  • ways that you can start leading a
  • healthier lifestyle I know it's really
  • really hard to start and trust me and I
  • know
  • starting is honestly the hardest part
  • once you actually start give yourself
  • two weeks just block off like a two-week
  • timeframe be like you know what I'm
  • gonna actually commit and try this out
  • for a two-week period you know eating
  • clean and
  • getting some form of exercise after that
  • two week mark you will start to notice
  • some results in yourself and it's gonna
  • push you to continue to go you're gonna
  • feel so good about yourself and you're
  • gonna actually want to continue on this
  • lifestyle I feel like that's sort of the
  • phase that you have to get past and like
  • I said trust me I know starting is
  • honestly the hardest part but you just
  • have to do it if you want that lifestyle
  • you just have to do it you have to
  • really really want it because no one is
  • gonna force you or you know push you to
  • do it it has to come from you and you
  • have to actually want it so I was at the
  • point in my life where I'm like you know
  • what I'm ready to buckle down I really
  • want to get back on my grind and just
  • feel really good about myself because I
  • was probably at my lowest point I was so
  • unhappy with my body and so unhappy with
  • the way things were that I finally was
  • like you know what I'm gonna do this and
  • I'm gonna get back on track to how I was
  • when I was in my best shape so that's
  • what's happening right now so jumping in
  • to the tips alright number one is to
  • plan now there's a quote that I love and
  • it's if you plan to no wait sorry hey if
  • you fail to plan you plan to fail and
  • honestly it is so so true so if you want
  • to start eating healthier then make sure
  • you're planning to do so when you go to
  • the grocery store buy the proper foods
  • that you want to have in your home to
  • create meals that you're gonna want to
  • eat that are healthier options so Kyle
  • and I actually were out of town we went
  • to the beach for a couple days earlier
  • in the week and I know that at the beach
  • all they have is you know pizza french
  • fries ice cream all the stuff I do not
  • want to be putting into my body right
  • now so I knew that and I planned ahead
  • so we made a big bean salad you know
  • with chickpeas kidney beans as well as
  • onion cucumber all the good stuff and a
  • big bean salad I made a homemade
  • dressing with balsamic vinaigrette and
  • olive oil lots of salt and pepper it was
  • absolutely delicious so I made one of
  • those we each had a container that we
  • could have for lunch and we also packed
  • lots of fresh vegetables so I did a huge
  • container of sliced up cucumber with two
  • Zekey as a dip and Kyle loves peppers so
  • he had some sliced peppers so that way
  • we have
  • those things to munch on throughout the
  • day and we can actually feel good about
  • it so if you're someone who works an
  • office job then I would highly recommend
  • doing a big meal prep so that you have a
  • bunch of food all ready for you that you
  • can pack throughout the week when I
  • worked an office job I always made sure
  • to bring a lunch with me every single
  • day of the week that way you're not
  • having to go buy something you're saving
  • money and you're having a healthier
  • option for lunch so it really is a
  • win-win situation that you cannot go
  • wrong with and another little tip for
  • planning ahead is just to make sure you
  • have a healthy snack on you at all times
  • if you know you have a bunch of meetings
  • in a day maybe pack your purse with some
  • healthier granola bars or some fruit
  • some nuts anything you can just keep in
  • your bag and that's not gone whenever
  • you have a free moment and you're not
  • gonna feel guilty about snacking on it
  • that is something I always make sure to
  • do if I know I'm heading out for a day I
  • will always like pack my bag with snacks
  • and it's just easier to have like those
  • emergency things on you so if you fail
  • to plan you plan to fail so just make
  • sure you have those healthier items that
  • you can turn to in certain situations
  • and just plan ahead okay guys so my next
  • tip is to get yourself a reusable water
  • bottle now this is currently really
  • sandy because I brought it to the beach
  • but a reusable water bottle has honestly
  • saved my life when let's like roll it
  • back before I ever met Kyle I barely
  • drank any water and I didn't even
  • realize that I wasn't drinking any water
  • until we met and we started dating and I
  • realized how much water Kyle was
  • drinking and I was like Olli like I only
  • drink maybe a glass of water a day and
  • that is just horrible for you so when we
  • started dating like I started keeping up
  • a little bit more with my water once I
  • had that realization and I bought myself
  • a reusable water bottle and it changed
  • my life completely I always had it on me
  • when I was at home and I was constantly
  • filling it up and you can really keep
  • track of how much water you're drinking
  • if you do have a bottle like this I know
  • that I fill this up at least three to
  • four times per day and if I know the
  • last time I filled it up was in the
  • morning
  • it's still like up to here I'm like holy
  • crap I have not had enough water today
  • so I better get on that so it really
  • helps you keep track of how much water
  • you're drinking and if you have it with
  • you all the time then you're gonna
  • constantly be sipping on it I feel like
  • a lot of the time people confuse hunger
  • with thirst and when they're actually
  • thirsty they're gonna go and grab
  • something to eat when really you just
  • need to hydrate yourself it's so
  • important to stay hydrated so I would
  • definitely recommend getting yourself a
  • reusable bottle if you don't have one
  • already and just bring it with you
  • everywhere you go when I'm at home it's
  • on me all the time I always have it
  • beside me at night you know I fill it up
  • and bring it beside my bed in the
  • morning I'll refill it again
  • and just have it with me throughout the
  • day that's also something you can chuck
  • in your bag if you're heading out for a
  • day and that way if you're out at a
  • bunch of meetings or whatever you'll
  • always have your water with you and it's
  • honestly such a lifesaver okay so my
  • last little tip is to find a form of
  • exercise that you actually enjoy doing
  • this is gonna change your life
  • trust me I feel like most people think
  • that they have to go to the gym to get
  • that exercise and I honestly think
  • that's why I always had such a love-hate
  • relationship with like fitness and
  • health because I really don't care for
  • the gym whatsoever and that always made
  • it really hard for me to go because when
  • I wasn't those unmotivated times I'm
  • just like I hate the gym like why do I
  • want to go there but as you guys know if
  • you watch my channel I started
  • practicing yoga a couple of months ago
  • and I'm absolutely loving it like I love
  • it love it love it and I honestly look
  • forward to doing it that it doesn't even
  • feel like I'm working out or doing
  • something good for my body because I
  • genuinely enjoy doing it with starting
  • the yoga it's made me want to go to the
  • gym more because there's a few poses
  • that I would really love to get but what
  • I'm practicing I'm noticing okay like my
  • core is a little bit weaker or my lower
  • back is like super weak I need to
  • strengthen that up so when I go to the
  • gym I'm actually like crazy motivated to
  • strengthen those areas and workout and
  • just become all-around like fit and
  • healthy and strong whereas beforehand
  • just dread going to the gym everyday
  • like Oh like here we go but now I'm like
  • okay I want to go I wanted to do this
  • because I want to improve my yoga I want
  • to hit that pose so it doesn't have to
  • be yoga or the gym it could be you know
  • hiking it could be going for power walks
  • maybe you have a dog and you just bring
  • them out for walks every day it just has
  • to be some sort of exercise so you're
  • not just sitting around all day just get
  • up and do something move a little bit
  • maybe you join a dance class whatever it
  • is that is gonna make you love having
  • some exercise and I think that is just
  • truly important to find what you love to
  • do because that's gonna keep you just
  • overall healthy and you're gonna feel
  • really good about yourself and just
  • stick to it so that pretty much sums up
  • my three quick little tips like I
  • mentioned your motivation is gonna come
  • after you start doing it and I think
  • that is the key you just have to start
  • so before you start snap a photo of
  • yourself and then a few months in snap
  • another photo when you start seeing the
  • comparisons
  • you're gonna stay motivated to continue
  • on and that is just the best feeling in
  • the world when you feel good about
  • yourself so that pretty much sums up the
  • rambling of this video let me know what
  • kind of exercises you guys like doing
  • and/or if you enjoy going to the gym
  • what kind of stuff you try to do to lead
  • a healthier lifestyle and we can chat
  • about that in the comments below
  • otherwise I will see you guys in my next
  • video bye
  • [Music]

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Hi guys, today I’m going to be sharing with you how to start living a healthy lifestyle today. I’ll be sharing 3 healthy choices that you can start implementing into your life so you can get back to a healthy lifestyle. Consider this video a few of my own personal healthy lifestyle tips. I hope you enjoy the video and it inspires you to start leading a healthy lifestyle.

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