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Video Polished Foil Ball Challenge, Corinne VS Pin
08:11   |   views   |   04/15/2018


  • Well hello again Internet.
  • Corinne here, and you're watching Corinne Vs Pin!
  • Yeah, I know, it's been quite a while since I've done this show.
  • But that's because we've been renovating a house and moving,
  • and that sh*t is very tiring!
  • If you want to see more about that,
  • you can go watch my vlog on my personal channel.
  • It's just chock-full of riveting content!
  • Today, I'll be trying The Foil Ball Challenge!
  • I'm aware [that] Rob just did this project last week..
  • But, there were so many comments requesting that I try it.
  • Now if Rob can pull this off,
  • I know, I can do it.
  • So, let's get started, shall we!
  • *Classical Music plays*
  • First thing I should probably do is watch a video on how to make this foil ball.
  • Maybe I'll actually watch one of Rob's videos.
  • Getting that YouTube money.
  • Why can't I skip this ad!?
  • Rob! You're wasting so much aluminum foil!!
  • [You're] killing the planet!
  • Alright, I think I got the basic concept. It's not that difficult.
  • You just making an aluminum foil ball,
  • you hammer it for a while.. I got this covered.
  • We still have so much to do in here,
  • but.. f*** it! Let's make a foil ball!!
  • [I'm] totally confident in my skills to make a shiny, f***in', aluminum foil ball.
  • {right here legit sounds like a wood-pecker, jsyk}
  • *something falls in the background* AAAAHHHH!!!
  • C: We probably should attach that to the wall again.
  • Rob: Yeah, eventually.
  • R: Christ! {I see what you did there.}
  • *Exhale/sigh* This is hurting my arm!
  • Yeah, I just realized that the camera is shaking,
  • 'cuz I'm pounding on the table that it's sitting on.
  • *Dead inside*
  • *Corinne whines*
  • Well, I've been pounding this ball for quite a while.
  • And I'm starting to think this is a bunch of BALLsh*t(bullsh*t).
  • The hammer is really heavy! It's a workout!
  • I had to put my hair back.
  • *exhale* I don't want to this anymore does anyone else thinks this is stupid??
  • *whispers* What. the. f*ck. is. that?
  • Krakatoa over here.
  • Guess, I'll just keep poundin'.
  • Oh ya, I forgot that makes the camera shake,
  • [I'll] turn on the other camera.
  • So uh it's totally supposed to look like this at this point right?
  • F*****k
  • Stupid!
  • This is my goddamn worst nightmare!! {me trying to work with the changed captioning system}
  • Hi again, so we've had a development.
  • This has transformed into
  • the plant from Little Shop of Horrors.
  • I don't think this is what's supposed to happen to your aluminum foil ball..
  • But, if this was The "Recreating Audrey Two - from Little Shop of Horrors" Challenge,
  • I'd be winning!
  • So, I'm gonna have to try it again.
  • *laughs in agony*
  • It's a bunch of BALLocks(bollocks) if you ask me!
  • Is anyone else's arthritis flarin' up?
  • Hammer Time!
  • This ball is making me sweat.
  • I have ball sweat.
  • *silent laughter, as Corinne comes to terms with what she signed up for*
  • *Corrie hits her finger* Ow!
  • *more whining*
  • This is actually looking pretty good,
  • [it] might give Rob a run for his money.
  • Yeah, coming for you, buddy.
  • Well here we are, day 2,
  • and I'm ready to get to sandin' and polishin'!
  • We got to take this party outside because it's really dirty,
  • and I don't want to dirty up my new house.
  • Safety Third!
  • I think it's working!
  • *muttering* [I can't] do this with these gloves on!
  • *sigh*
  • Does anyone else hate this project as much as I do? {probably}
  • *whining* My arm's about to fall off!
  • I need to use the electrical sander like Rob did.
  • Tahahahaha! *losing her sanity*
  • Yes! *laughing* Ye-e-e-e-e-es!
  • *exhales*
  • This is the answer!
  • Right, kitty?
  • Rob sometimes knows what he's talking about!
  • It's rare, but it does happen.
  • Feeling better already!
  • Okay, I think that's everything--
  • What is this!?!
  • Rob only made one ball, right?
  • This is an impostor!!!
  • OHHH Hell, No! {Rob's in for it now.}
  • The wrath of Corinne!
  • C: Umm, so I found this.. in... the...
  • R: Woah- woah- woah- wo- where'd ya find that??
  • C: I- R: What did you do? What are you doing going through my stuff?
  • I had to use the sander, so I'm wondering?
  • What are? What's that all about? What? As I recall from watching your video? You only made one ball?
  • So why, why is there two balls and why?
  • What ball are you talking about? This is the only ball? No! What do you, I don't even know?
  • What Fushigi balls?
  • Fushigi balls?
  • F*ckin! Something yeah fukeshiki you! How bout that! Fukeshiki you, buddy! Yeah!
  • I'm questioning everything now! Day Three, well
  • we've definitely learned a couple things in this video so far. Number one Rob's a liar and number two I
  • hate the Aluminum Foil Ball Challenge, but I'm no quitter. I'm ready to go to battle! I got my camouflage on. Let's do this!
  • Ah! I got something in my eye!
  • Yeah, the glasses struggle is real!
  • I'm not sure if this is helping it or hurting it.
  • It's shiny but, it's definitely not very reflective.
  • I know I'm certainly reflecting on a lot of life decisions right now. But, I still haven't polished it yet.
  • So I'm gonna do that and I think we'll have ourselves a winner! I got my polish here. Oh
  • Christine would be so proud polished aluminum foil ball challenge accepted!
  • Yeah, just just look at the shine on that, baby, yeah!
  • Why not? I'll tell you why not because I can't handle doing it anymore, okay?
  • I think we can all agree though that Rob
  • Definitely lost this challenge. Next week is super exciting because we're doing the big house reveal that we've all been waiting for!
  • For a really, really long time. Until then i'll be trying to HGTV the f*ck out of this place.
  • So it looks good! As always make sure to subscribe like up this video, and I'll see you later *snip snip*

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Consider our balls polished.

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