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Video How does the rollable TV work?
07:49   |   today at 13:34


  • our CES 2019 coverage is brought to you
  • by D brand their grip cases and prison
  • screen protectors mean 360 degree
  • protection for your phone check them out
  • at the link below so we are here in the
  • LG secret meeting room whatever it is
  • this was the only place that we could
  • actually get close to this thing and it
  • might not look like much we got a
  • speaker bar thing here we got some art
  • here and then two clicks of this button
  • and bam we've got the rollable TV so
  • this is their OLED TV R which is short
  • for revolution but we really think they
  • should call it the Rho LED nothing
  • nothing nothing
  • [Laughter]
  • alright so there's a few different ways
  • you can use it you can use it completely
  • unrolled you can use it up partially and
  • there's kind of some smart applications
  • you can see the time you can check the
  • weather that kind of stuff or you can
  • close it down entirely oh I believe the
  • halfway up also has music support
  • there's a there's a gallery thing that
  • you can do you can even start your music
  • playing roll the whole thing down and
  • then you've just got this discreet
  • looking speaker that blends in with
  • pretty much anything not that of course
  • you'd want to just use it as a speaker
  • because this thing is one heck of a TV
  • now you guys are probably thinking
  • there's got to be some kind of
  • compromise to the image quality because
  • of making it rollable but in actuality
  • this is exactly the same tech that we've
  • all we've already seen I mean LG's been
  • showing us their OLED panel technology
  • and all kinds of different form factors
  • for years now this is just the first
  • time aside from that short-lived sort of
  • curved TV thing that we saw for a bit
  • there this is the first time that we've
  • actually seen dynamic rolling in a
  • consumer product and the way that
  • they've done it is really cool so on the
  • show floor we got a lot of b-roll of
  • this thing but we weren't actually able
  • to get that close to it well here we can
  • so it's actually got these arms at the
  • back that I'm gonna go ahead and I'm
  • gonna lower it you can see what they're
  • gonna do is they're gonna kind of fold
  • onto themselves and then we can't really
  • see exactly what's in here we know that
  • there's a four point 200 watt speaker
  • setup we know all the i/o and all the
  • power for it is in here but we can't see
  • exactly
  • how tight the TV rolls up but we have to
  • assume that it's going to be I guess as
  • loosely as they can now there's a couple
  • things about the mechanism that we do
  • know we know that it's rated for 50,000
  • rolls and unrolls so that would be four
  • times a day for 32 years and we also
  • know that it's extremely quiet that was
  • a big question mark for us down on the
  • show floor we weren't sure but yeah it's
  • actually really impressive how quiet it
  • is now back to things we don't know when
  • they're gonna ship this thing how much
  • it's gonna cost
  • we could make some guesses given that
  • this is their signature line and these
  • are generally kind of supposed to be eye
  • dropping as oh my goodness as opposed to
  • a great bang for the buck but frankly
  • I'm not even gonna bother I'm just gonna
  • sit here and admire the cool tech now
  • we're about to head downstairs and check
  • out the 8k displays that are supposed to
  • come on sale later this year but first
  • let's look at something that's really
  • not ready for primetime it is a great
  • demo so this is their 88 inch crystal
  • sound OLED demo and behind the panel are
  • five of what LG is calling exciters it
  • seems to be working basically there's
  • three that are handling the mid-range on
  • the bottom part of the panel and then
  • two that are handling the highs and
  • they're claiming that they're able to
  • get 82 I believe 140 kilohertz frequency
  • response out of this thing but honestly
  • that's not what really blew me away what
  • blew me away was the positionality of
  • the audio so whether it's for watching
  • movies or games they've got some really
  • great demos where you can really like
  • you can like feel the UFO moving across
  • the screen and then somehow from bottom
  • to top though I'm not sure exactly how
  • they did that last part hopefully we're
  • gonna see this coming soon because then
  • we can do away entirely with the
  • speakers and and all that other stuff I
  • mean okay you'll still need to put your
  • game console and like maybe your
  • computer and your set-top okay okay
  • we're not doing away with all this other
  • stuff but but no speakers now we're down
  • on the floor and this is the Z series
  • yes the entire Z series is one SKU an 88
  • inch 8k OLED TV that has a number of
  • kind of unique characteristics so number
  • one is that it actually comes with this
  • kind of artsy looking sort of frame
  • style stand but you
  • actually have to use it so we initially
  • looked around the back of this thing and
  • we were like oh that's kind of that kind
  • of sucks because there's no vase amount
  • there's no way to like really do cable
  • management in a in a meaningful way and
  • what if this height isn't right for you
  • what if you want like a shorter or or or
  • a taller stand so as it turns out the
  • way that it actually works is you can
  • take the whole thing off of the stand
  • and it's got these kind of downward
  • firing speakers and reflectors so you
  • can just run it as a standalone TV if
  • you want or you can put it on the stand
  • now there's not a ton that we really
  • know about it's got their new alpha 9
  • Gen 2 processor which helps with 4k to
  • 8k upscaling as well as it uses AI to
  • like do better noise reduction and all
  • that kind of stuff and we don't really
  • know when it's going to be available and
  • we don't know pricing oh hi sorry I mean
  • hey guys you know you're not gonna be
  • able to get away from that until you
  • stop saying it out - - kind of I'm
  • just gonna like jump laughs again he's
  • got an lg ground with his notes right
  • beside the camera right now QT show I'm
  • not even hiding it 5 seconds to memorize
  • my nose that's not memorized
  • that's checking your phone every 5
  • seconds so the launch is supposed to be
  • sometime in q2 we have no price and it's
  • got Google assistant and Alexa mmm-hmm
  • so here's a bit of a better look at the
  • fancy stand so that panel in the middle
  • seems like it comes off for a vase
  • amount and in that panel gives us the
  • i/o we don't really know how this like
  • cable management they've got going on
  • here works but that's all kind of TBD
  • what has a more basic stand is there
  • nano cell 8k TV so just like that one
  • the entire lineup here is one model a 75
  • inch model that's 8k nano cell equipped
  • with the same alpha 9 gen 2 processor
  • and their local dimming Pro which has
  • twice as many dimming zones as their non
  • pro but we don't know how many of the
  • non Pro has so it's not that meaningful
  • we have no brightness numbers on this
  • but same thing should be available later
  • this year
  • what's not available later this year cuz
  • it's available now is the d-brane grip
  • the D brand grip is the super lifeproof
  • case from d brent it's precision cut so
  • it's got cutouts for your camera
  • fingerprint sensor whatever else you
  • need it's got their trademark super
  • clicky buttons and of course it's deep
  • brand so you can customize it with one
  • of their true textured 3m vinyl skins in
  • whatever look suits you best
  • the really cool thing that's totally
  • unlike anything they've done before
  • though is their prism screen protectors
  • these things are kind of unbelievable
  • they've got this really neat applicator
  • that makes it so you can put it on
  • perfect every time and the impact
  • resistance that this adds to your
  • display absolutely blew me away nothing
  • in the demo is staged you put it on you
  • hammer a nail in with it you take the
  • thing off and your screen is still
  • pristine underneath I mean obviously
  • there are limitations if you were to you
  • know hit it with a sledge hammer yes you
  • would you would shatter your entire
  • phone not just the screen but and I've
  • never seen anything quite like this in
  • terms of just a slap on screen
  • protection product so check it out at
  • the link in the video description guys
  • don't miss any of our CES 2019 coverage
  • probably the rest of it that you see
  • will be after the show actually opens
  • and there's not like sky jacks all over
  • the place but that who knows

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